TEAM: Buriram United

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Co-Op Toyota E-League Winner

Co-Op Toyota E-League Winner

Player Interview

Q – How did you qualify for the World Finals?
A – Toyota e-League Winner.

Q – When qualifying for the World Finals, how do you feel that went? Was there anything you were personally proud of?
A – For me,this tournament is like fifa world cup. I am very proud and honored to be part of this world finals.

Q – Describe how it felt winning your place to the World Finals.
A – I feel excited. We tried so hard with everything I had to win the Toyota e-league and to come and play in this tournament. It is super awesome that we did it.

Q – Is there anything you think you need to improve on?
A – Everything. Skills, playing style, set pieces and so on. For me, to win the World Finals, you have to keep improving.

Q – How are you preparing for the World Finals?
A – After winning the Toyota e-league, we haven’t had much time to train together. However, we will keep on working hard to make sure that we are fully prepared and ready for the tournament.

Q – What are you expectations going into the World Finals?
A – I am not sure, we train hard and we believe in our team. We might cause a surprise, lets see how far can we go.

Q – Is there a player / clan that you are particularly worried about?
A – Every team and every player that comes to play in this tournament is very strong. To win, we can’t be careless.

Q – Is there something the other players should know about you? Should they be worried?
A – Every team, every player, that comes to play in this tournament, is very strong and tough. To win, we can’t be careless to anyone.