What is PES League?

PES League 2019 is a KONAMI official global esports competition to determine the best player of PES 2019.

For this year we have also added the Co-Op category. So compete to become the champion alone, or as a team.

How can I get involved with PES League?

To join in, you need a console (Sony PlayStation 4™ or Microsoft Xbox One™) or Steam®, and a copy of PES 2019. You then need to sync your KONAMI ID with your account.

You can also get involved with our player community on our social accounts and during live streams and broadcasts. After Free to Play is released, myClub and Co-Op will be able to participate.

How do I register for PES League?

Just sign up to activate your profile by entering a few details in-game and the system should do the rest. All you then need to do is focus on playing PES, winning events and, if you are good enough, start planning your trip to the World Final!

Which formats is PES League available on?

PES League is only available for:

  • Sony PlayStation 4™,
  • Microsoft Xbox One™, and
  • Steam® on PC.

Where can I find the latest tournament news?

All tournament information and announcements about the PES League Tournament and other events can be found on the “Latest News” tab of this website.

How can I play at the PES League World Final?

Only the best PES 2019 players will make it to the World Final – if you think you are up to the task, read on!

There are a limited number of places available at the event. Keep checking back for updated information.

Most places at the final are won by winning the Regional Final of your territory.

As the season progresses, more events will be added giving more chances for you to qualify for your territory. So make sure you keep checking the site and social accounts regularly.

Can more than one person play from one account?

No, your account is for you. Account sharing is classed as cheating and is not allowed under any circumstances. Players caught sharing accounts will have their data removed from the system and can be suspended or blocked from PES League permanently.

Can I have more than one account?

No, you can only have one account; creating multiple accounts is prohibited. Any additional accounts created is considered cheating.

What are the punishments for cheating?

There are a number of ways that players can be deemed to be cheating when playing online. We will not detail them here, or the methods that we use to detect them, as this create unnecessary exposure.

We will be actively searching for cheating players and will hand out punishments when necessary. Punishments can include: warnings, suspensions and even permanent bans. The severity of the punishment will reflect the severity of the act that is being punished and is solely at the discretion of PES League’s administrators.

Players are welcome to query any cheating investigations, but must note that submitting a query is not a guarantee that a ruling will be overturned. Once again, this is down to the discretion of PES League administrators.