PES League Online Championship 2019 1v1 Category Overview

PES 2019 will be played during the PES League 2019 competition.
This competition will be held over 2 seasons in the year. We will keep you informed of the schedule either via this website or in-game.

*Please note that this competition is open to users playing either the full PES 2019 game or the PES 2019 LITE version.



Season 1 04/10/2018 – 14/10/2018 Registration closes: 15/10/2018 03:00(UTC)
Season 2 27/12/2018 – 20/01/2019 Registration closes: 21/01/2019 03:00(UTC)

*At the end of each season registration will close. Please note that data will not appear in the ranking tables after the registration deadline.

Weekly Qualifiers

Thursday 8am – Saturday 3am (UTC)

Number of available games
During the tournament (up to a maximum of 129 matches)

Winning conditions
Earn at least 5 points in your best three consecutive games

Weekly Finals

Saturday 10am – Monday 3am (UTC)

Number of available games
During the tournament (up to a maximum of 123 matches)

Ranked based on your best 25 consecutive match scores

Rank deciding rules:

  1. Winning points
  2. Points awarded from the number of matches (the fewer matches, the better the rank)
  3. Goal difference
  4. Points awarded from the amount of time (the quicker the time, the higher the rank)


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for the PES League 2019 season can be found here: