PES League MyClub 2019 1v1 Category Overview

PES 2019 will be played during the PES League 2019 competition.
This event will be held in categories according to your ability.


Monthly Finals

These will be held at the end of every month from October 2018 to June 2019.

Competitions are divided into multiple categories. Competitions that can be participated in are decided according to a person’s skill rank.

Top players of the tournament can participate in the Season Finals of each season.

October March
November April
December May
January June

Season Finals

These will be held in January, April and July of 2019.

Competitions are divided into multiple categories. The competitions that can be participated in are limited to categories where you qualify for entry.

Top players can participate in the Grand Final.

Season 1 January 2019 Registration closes: 04/10/2018 02:00(UTC)
Season 2 April 2019 Registration closes: 10/01/2019 02:00(UTC)
Season 3 June 2019 Registration closes: Coming soon

*At the end of each season registration will close. Please note that data will not appear in the ranking tables after the registration deadline.

Weekly PES League

Season Ranking

Players will compete in the rankings according to the total Weekly PES League points earned during the event.

Top-ranking players can compete in the Season Finals for the season.

Total Ranking

Players will compete in the rankings according to the total of all Weekly PES League points that they have earned during the 3-season tournament.

Top-ranking players can participate in the Grand Final.

Season 1 20/09/2018 – 18/10/2018 Registration closes: 04/10/2018 03:00(UTC)
Season 2 27/12/2018 – 24/01/2019 Registration closes: 21/01/2019 03:00(UTC)
Season 3 02/05/2019 – 13/06/2019 Registration closes: 23/05/2019 03:00(UTC)

Grand Final

The PES 2019 myClub champions will be determined for each category with the Grand Final that will take place online in August 2019.

Competitions are split into several categories. The competitions that you can participate in are limited to the categories for which you qualify.

August 2019

*Each competition is run under the PES League myClub rules.

*Schedules are subject to change based on maintenance.
If the competition cannot be carried out – based on network connection failures etc -, we will notify the rescheduled matches on this website or in-game.

*If the same user proceeds to the finals in different categories, the following will be considered.

Ranked in different categories:

  • The user will qualify to the finals in which he/she is ranked the highest in.
  • Multiple ranks in the same category
  • Regardless of the times qualified, one person can proceed. There will not be any changes made to the rankings accordingly.


Memorial Token Awards

Grand Final winners in each category will be awarded with memorial tokens.
In order to receive awards and communication, the following are requested:


*You can link your KONAMI ID and account from in-game. Go to Online settings -> KONAMI ID -> Log in*
*If the user is confirmed of any violation of rules after the competition he/she will not be entitled to any prize or token.

The right to be awarded and receive the token cannot be passed on to another person.


Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for the PES League 2019 season can be found here: