World Finals

28th & 29th June 2019
Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium, London


Live Stream

The World Finals will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live.

Stream also available on:

Stream also available on:


Europe and Americas Regional Finals Season 1 winners and Europe, Americas and Asia Regional Finals Season 2 winners will participate in the World Finals.

Competition Structure

This competition features the group stages and the knockout stage.

1v1 Category

Group Stage
Each player will play one match against all players in their group. The top 2 players will proceed to the knockout stage.

Knockout Stage
This will be played by the top 8 players from the Group Stage. The brackets will be decided based on the Group Stage results. Each round will determine the winner through one match (extra time and penalties apply).

Co-Op Category

Group Stage
Each team will play one match against all teams in their group. The top teams from each group will proceed to the final.

This will be played by the top 2 teams from the group stage and will be based on one match in a ‘winner-takes-all’. If the match results in a draw after full time, the winner will be determined by extra time and penalties.


Stat balancing will be in effect*
The teams that can be used will be notified from the admin team prior to the competitions.

*Competitions with stat balancing will apply a uniform overall rating to all players on selectable teams.
As a result, the differences in overall strength between teams will be virtually eliminated.
Players’ individual abilities, such as having great pace, will be retained as much as possible.
This way all users are free to use their favourite teams in the competition.

Tournament Rewards

The following amounts will be rewarded to each participating player at this event:

Stage 1v1 Co-Op
Group Stage $200 $200 per person
Quarter Final $400
Semi Final $4,000 $4,400 per person
Final $10,000 $10,000 per person
Winner $10,000 $10,000 per person

Reward example for one player:

1v1 Co-Op
Winner 1st $25,000 Winner 1st $25,000 per person
Runner-up 2nd $15,000 Runner-up 2nd $15,000 per person
Semi Finalist 3rd & 4th $5,000 Semi Finalist 3rd & 4th $5,000 per person
Quarter Finalist 5th – 8th $1,000 Group Stage 5th – 8th $600 per person
Group Stage 9th – 16th $600

In addition to participating in this event, KONAMI requests that the participants understand the below requirements:

  • Each competition winner will be asked to create content and participate in interviews with press and media etc. after each competition.
  • All participants will be asked to participate in “Pro Evolution Soccer” related events which will be held during their contract period.
  • All participants will be asked to create content before and during offline events (interviews, photographs and video recordings).
  • All participants will be asked to participate in interviews with press and media.

*When participating in the event, we ask you to sign the event participation contract which includes the above contents.


World Finals: London