October 30th, 2018

PES League National Finals Begin This Week

National Finals start dates confirmed! Full times listed below – plus details on amendments to national categories.

Thank you to everyone who took part in PES League so far over the last 10 weeks. We can confirm that the Season 1 National Finals will take place this week from Thursday 1st November – Sunday 4th November. These games will see the very best players from each national region compete for a place in their respective Regional Final.

We will be contacting players this week with further details on their fixtures.

The schedule for the National finals can be found below:

Thursday 1st November 2018 Local Time GMT
Germany 18:00 17:00
United Kingdom 20:00 20:00
Friday 2nd November 2018 Local Time GMT
Netherlands 18:00 17:00
France 19:00 18:00
Portugal 19:00 19:00
Rest of World (inc. Spain & Italy) N/A 20:00
Saturday 3rd November 2018 Local Time GMT
Colombia 11:00 16:00
Peru 12:00 17:00
Chile 15:00 18:00
Argentina 16:00 19:00
USA 16:00 20:00
Sunday 4th November 2018 Local Time GMT
Hong Kong 18:00 10:00
Japan 20:00 11:00
Korea 21:00 12:00
Southeast Asia N/A 13:00
Mexico 10:00 16:00
Rest of Americas (inc. Brazil) N/A 17:00

The National Finals will be conducted in the friendly match lobby as a 16 man 1-leg knock-out tournament, where the two finalists win a place in the Regional Finals. Exceptions to this include Germany, where only one person – the German National Finals winner – will win a place; and The Rest of Americas category, with three eligible winners in total. How players perform in these National Finals will determine seeding in the Regional Finals, with “goals for” and “goals against” taken into account.

Due to legal regulations, Spanish and Italian players will now compete in the Rest of World category, whilst Brazilian players will now participate in the Rest of Americas category. The structures of these tournaments also differ from other National Finals; the Rest of Americas category will feature a 32-man tournament, whilst the Rest of World category will comprise of 3x 16-man tournaments.

With the National Finals starting this week, we’re taking one step closer to determining who will be declared PES League Champion. Could it be you? For all the latest PES League information and news, make sure to follow us on PES League Twitter.